Karjisan oil and gas field is located in the onshore Cambay Basin in Mehsana District of Gujarat State, India. Karjisan block is a small sized discovered onshore field having an area of 5 Sq.kms.

The Field was discovered by ONGC in 1985. ONGC drilled 1 well for the exploration & exploitation of Kalol pay zones (mainly K-III & IV) and Kadi Formation and discovered gas in pay zone K-III. However, the field was not put on regular production by ONGC.

The Field block was awarded to SELAN Exploration Technology Limited and a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) was signed between Govt. of India (GoI) and SELAN in February 2004. SELAN is having the 100% ownership as an Operator in Karjisan Field.

Subsequently, Selan obtained 3D seismic data over the block area from ONGC in 2009 and revised the Geological Model of the field. On the basis of updated model, two wells KJ-3 and KJ-4 were drilled. In addition to the gas in K-III pay zone, the oil was discovered in K- IV payzone in both the wells KJ-3 and KJ-4.

Estimated Initial Gas in-Place (IGIP) for pay zone K-III: 92 MMscm

Estimated Initial Oil in-Place (IOIP) for pay zone K-IV: 5.81 MMbbls

The oil discovery was reported to DGH in December, 2014. Consequently, DOC has been submitted to DGH and got approval of MC on 16th August, 2017.

Gas production and oil production started recently from the wells KJ-3 and KJ-4 respectively.